Creature From The Black Lagoon (english review)

Time for yet another English review here at FilmFett. This time we dwell into the bottom of the rivers. Too see what lies in the blackness of the cold waters. Universal Pictures has done it again!
All underwater-sequences are superb in excecution.
At an excivation camp they find an odd discovery. It looks like a hand, only not human. Is this the missing link between man and fish? Carl brings the discovery to two of his friends. One of them happens to be an expert of amfibian life. So they go to a nearby lagoon, where the mystery seem to hold a key to what they are searching for. They hoped for anwers. But they got a living creature beyond their wildest nightmares.
Creature from the Black Lagoon is the missing link between the younger days of Universal and today. They have managed to stay away from far too many inconsistant camera-cuts and problems that the previous films had. There's tons of underwater scenes. And of obvious reasons they couldn't shoot everything in one take. So they were forced to do shorter takes, forcing them to edit everything together systematically. This works in the favor of the film as the speed of the action gets more rapid.
Everything feels psysical. The boat, the lagoon, the nearby forest. The design of the creature. It's all very powerful and real! I was stunned by this quality and very entertained. It doesn't hold any dull moments and this is a film I'd love to show anyone who's curious about the silver age of horror. Check it out!
4 of 5 goldencameras.