New Opinions on Lethal Weapon

So...I've decided to write in english again....why not?
A long time ago I reviewed the Lethal Weapon series. And for some reason I had a hard time seeing the charm in the first film. It was neat, but the sequel is far better. And even if I still agree on that I'd like to give my new insight here on FilmFett.
The story is pretty plain and simple. Like your avarage 80's flick. But the excecution is at best in the darkest moments. The characters are pretty fucking bleak once you think about it. Look at Riggs, a suicidal maniac spinning out of control and who nobody want to work with. Someone who sees himself as useless outside of his own job. And the older cop who starts to wonder if he still got "it" in him. Everyone can relate to these things!
I've always liked the dark drama in this film, but the action is pretty lackluster. All the sudden we have a final fight and it's not that great. The enemy is pretty bad and I don't feel the joy when he bites the dust. But if you read between the lines you end up liking the main characters, who are the focus of the film.
Those are my new opinions on Lethal Weapon. A film that has grown a bit more on me. But the sequel is the best option!