Dracula (1931 - english review)

Before Markus goes mad of rage, I have to declare that yes...he did review all Universal Monsters already. But, as I've entered these films myself I'd like to share my opinions on the classic Dracula from 1931. And thus also opening the floodgates of more english reviews for our beloved english readers....anyone out there?
Count Dracula! The mare name sets terror in the ears of the locals in Transylvania. But real-estate-agent Reinfeld does not fear this "monster". He's in this land to meet the count, as a sign of inventation by the count himself! Alas, all seems well....but the nice count is holding secrets. Ancient secrets that will unleash a mystery of vampires, cobwebs and bats. Everything starts for real once Reinfeld goes crazy by this encounter and like a snowball-effect, everything goes downhill from there.
This was 1931 and people was freaking out by the terror of this film. Simple effects, fades and cuts between different camera-angles is all it took to scare people relentless. Add the theatrical acting from Bela Lugosi and the other cast-members and Dracula was a frieght to behold. Still today a classic that holds time like one of those fine candles in the mayestic setting.
All I can say is that the film lives and breathes on atmosphere. It lacks in action, but sure as hell is one devilishly good film. Markus rated it a weak 4/5. I give it a strong 5/5 golden cameras.